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Are you ready to be sexcessful?


Struggling with your business? Then, STOP.


I’ve been there. Was there for many years with no guidance. But you don’t have to do that.


The Sexcessful Business Coaching Program is designed to help you
  • get focused on your passion, 

  • establish the systems you need, 

  • grow your business, and 

  • thrive on the work that makes your heart happy.

Are you ready to make $100k in your business? Then, let's do this.



Stop trying to do the work when you already have someone who has done it for you.


I’ve been in business for 14 years and doing this work for almost 20. I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve been able to sustain and keep my business thriving, as well as helping my colleagues thrive in their business, as well. 


I created this program because I know we can be successful and make money in this field to sustain our daily lives and be filled with such passion that we can continue to create and fill our hearts. I give you an incredible amount of tools to get you what you need and I’m always here if you need me for support and guidance.


I’ve been lucky enough to help heavy hitters in the field, including Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, Midori, and Luna Matatas.


“Marla taught me how to level up my sex education business. I was strong on the education side, but didn't  know how to expand and grow into my value as a business. Marla brought me skills like negotiation, marketing, partnership building and public relations. I needed help with business strategy so I could make more and do less. I was underselling myself before Marla's methods, and was stuck in ideas about money that no longer served me. Without Marla's help, I'd still be thinking small - she opened up my vision to possibilities for my business that I didn't know were within reach. She taught me how to see my value, build mutually beneficial  partnerships and how to be strategic about scaling my sex ed business.” - Luna Matatas 



This program isn’t for everyone. It’s only for you if you may:
  • Be trying to find your sex-business niche

  • Have just completed a certification or education and need the next steps

  • Suffer from Imposter Syndrome

  • Be used to people pleasing and being resentful for doing the people pleasing

  • Have been stuck and need to know where to go from here

  • Need help marketing yourself without getting deleted or shadow-banned

  • Find finances mind-boggling and overwhelming

  • Be a creative and find business stuff confusing

  • Want to do a business that is aligned with your values, mission, and vision

  • Be stuck around your mindset around money and need to learn how to negotiate

  • Feel alone in the work and not moving forward


Are you ready to do the work that you came on this earth to do?


In this program, you’ll get:

  • 4 LIVE calls on marketing, strategy, dealing with clients, and hot seat coaching

  • Custom Financial Spreadsheet to see how to maximize your income (and you can give it to your tax advisor)

  • Content Marketing Templates

  • Discounted 1-on-1 coaching

  • Access to private group with the latest updates

  • Warm introductions

  • Resources so that you don’t have to do any heavy research

  • Quality advice from me who has been in this industry for years!


If you choose the SEX ME UPgrade, you’ll get everything above, and:

  • 30-minute 1-on-1 private session per month

  • Free classes and seminars 

  • Major discounts on LIVE events

  • Mastermind w/ Hot Seat Coaching and Accountability Tracker


And since we’re at the beginning stages, we’re open for suggestions, as there is plenty of room for possibilities.


Do yourself and your business a favor, and quit fucking around. Get serious, feed your heart and soul’s desires, and let your passion fund your happiness.


It’s about time.


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