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Velvet Lips

Sexologist | Sex Educator | Sex Coach

Conducting Sex & Sexuality Workshops

Providing Intensive Sex & Relationship Coaching

Conduct Sex-Positive Events

Sexological Bodywork

Sexual Blogging

Sex Down South

Co-Founder | Conference Organizer

Sex Down South was born out of a desire to create a safe space in the Southeast where folks could explore sex and sexuality.  Our focus is intentionally broad, catering to a diverse range of people: from those who are curious but not quite committed, to those who have been around the block…and then some! Our mission is to create a sex-positive space for people of all walks of life to come together, explore, connect, and share knowledge and skills. It’s your exploration destination for all things sex and erotic.

Contract Liberation

Independent Research Contractor

Evaluation: Social Services Rendered (2018-20)

Research for the City of Atlanta & Fulton County Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative

Report: Community Vision For A Better Atlanta (2019)

Research Analysis for Women On The Rise/Racial Justice Action Center

Report: The Most Dangerous Thing Out Here Is The Police (2016)

Research Analysis for Racial Justice Action Center

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